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Technical Leadership

General Resources

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StaffEng Tutorials Guides for reaching and succeeding at Staff-plus roles
Tech Lead Expectations for Engineering Projects Gergely Orosz's framework:
  1. Setup a framework for collaboration
  2. Manage risks
  3. Communicate project status to stakeholders
  4. Help the team focus and don't be afraid to delegate
  5. Motivate the team
Lyft High Output Management for (Non-managing) Tech Leads How to increase the sphere of influence
Pat Kua The Definition of a Tech Lead Titles like Architect, Tech Lead, Team Lead and Engineering Manager provide endless confusion. This article explores the definition of the Tech Lead role
Pat Kua The Well Rounded Architect Acting as a Leader, Being a developer, Having a systems focus, Thinking like an entrepreneur, Balancing strategic with tactical thinking, Communicating well
What do good Engineering Managers do? They taste the soup The default mode of an engineering manager's work should NOT be to dive deep into every possible (implementation) detail - it's just not feasible
Thriving on the Technical Leadership Path So what does the more strategic work of a very senior engineer look like?
Engineering IC Leadership Gitlab's view on Technical Leadership

How Tos

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Gergely Orosz How to Lead a Project - as a Software Engineer Companion blog post for the "Tech Lead Expectations for Engineering Projects (Gergely Orosz @Uber)" document
Leading without managing What does it mean to lead when you don’t have coercive power to get your way?