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Reverse Interviewing

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Gergely Orosz The Pragmatic Engineer Test: 12 Questions on Engineering Culture 12 questions to get a sense of what a tech company is like at to work at, based on things most job postings do not mention
Gergely Orosz Reverse Interviewing Your Future Manager and Team Reverse interview your future team after you've negotiated the offer, and before you accept it
How can you tell if the company you’re interviewing with is rotten on the inside? How can you tell the companies who are earnestly trying to improve apart from the ones who sound all polished and healthy from the outside, whilst rotting on the inside?
Questions I'm asking in interviews From Julia Evans
Reverse interview A list of questions which may be interesting to a tech job applicant

Finding Companies

Link Notes
Gergely Orosz Finding the Next Company to Work At Strategies for finding your next job in tech, and where those great opportunities are
Will Larson Getting a job as an engineering executive Arepeatable process that prospective candidates typically follow
Will Larson Make an effective executive LinkedIn profile It's valuable to update your LinkedIn profile to be a concise, accurate, and current summary of your accomplishment.

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