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Organizational Structures

Career Frameworks

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Security Ladders Open source security career ladders: a collection of documents to categorize the knowledge and experience expected of security experts at a given point during their careers

Team Logistics / Culture

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The work-centric standup The problems with the people-centric standups, and how to replace them with work-centric ones
Limiting Work In Progress We can improve the output of a team or an organization by limiting work in progress
Independence, autonomy, and too many small teams
  • The mission is diluted because most of the teams are now working on problems which are subsets of the original problem and as such not valuable in themselves
  • Where a single team could have come together to solve problems of data delivery, now multiple teams with different managers and different roadmaps must come together to deliver anything to the customer
  • A team is autonomous when it "delivers value to the customer" independently
The Pragmatic Engineer's Developer Culture Test 3 areas with 5 questions each for a healthy organization, where developers thrive
CISO - Set expectations To fix anything sustainably requires long term action
Avoiding Worry Driven Development Necessary work avoided becomes a haunted forest in the codebase
The rush to "show value." Setting clear expectations and establishing quick feedback loops to support new leaders
"I Wouldn'T Start From Here". How To Make A Big Technical Change So much of the time, we have a vision for where we’d like our technology to be, but it sure would be nice to not start from where we are
Efficiency is the Enemy There's a good chance most of the problems in your life and work come down to insufficient slack. Here's how slack works and why you need more of it