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Feature Cloud DataStore Cloud Bigtable Cloud Storage Cloud SQL Cloud Spanner BigQuery
Type NoSQL document NoSQL wide column Blobstore Relational SQL for OLTP Relational SQL for OLTP Relational SQL for OLAP
Transactions Yes Single-row No Yes Yes No
Complex Queries No No No Yes Yes Yes
Capacity TB+ PB+ PB+ Up to 10TB PB PB+
Best for Semi-structured application data, durable key-value data "Flat" data, heavy read/write, events, analytical data Structured and unstructured binary or object data Web frameworks, existing applications Large-scale database applications (> ~2 TB) Interactive querying, offline analytics
Use cases Getting started, App Engine applications AdTech, Financial and IoT data Images, large media files, backups User credentials, customer orders Whenever high I/O, global consistency is needed Data warehousing


Service Description
Cloud SQL
  • Full relational database capability (supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQL)
  • Data Requirements
    • Structured data
    • Less than 10TB, less than 4000 concurrent connections
    • No global transactions
  • Features
    • Vertical scalability (read and write)
    • Horizontal scalability (read)
    • Automatic replication (read replicas)
    • Managed backups (point-in-time recovery)
  • Security
    • Each instance includes a network firewall
    • Data is encrypted when stored in database tables, temporary files, and backups
Cloud Spanner
  • Globally-distributed and strongly consistent relational database
  • Data Requirements
    • Structured data
    • Transactional consistency
    • For large amount of data (greater than 10TB ~ billions of data per day)
    • Many IOPS (Tens of thousands of reads/writes per second or more)
  • Features
    • Strong global consistency
    • Vertical scalability + global horizontal scalability
    • Automatic replication
Cloud Datastore
  • Horizontally scalable NoSQL DB
  • Designed for application backends
    • Built-in redundancy
    • Supports ACID transactions
  • Features
    • Atomic transactions
    • High availability of reads and writes
    • Massive scalability with high performance
    • Balance of strong and eventual consistency (entity lookups and ancestor queries always receive strongly consistent data, all other queries are eventually consistent)
    • Encryption at rest
Cloud Firestore
  • NoSQL document database that runs on a serverless platform
  • Mobile database service that can synchronize data between mobile devices and centralized storage + real time analysis
  • Small set of data (less than 1TB)
  • Zero down-scaling
Cloud Bigtable
  • NoSQL
  • For single keyed large-scale data (where each value < 10MB) and requirement for low-latency & good data processing throughput
  • Features
    • Replicated storage
    • Data encryption in-flight and at rest
    • Role-based ACLs
  • Big data analytics (~Petabytes), stream processing, machine-learning, batch MapReduce operations
  • Data samples
    • Marketing data
    • Financial data (transaction histories, stock prices, etc.)
    • Internet of Things data
    • Time-series data
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