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Security Command Center


For more details on Security Command Center:

General Info

  • Provides a single, centralized dashboard to view and monitor an inventory of the cloud assets
  • Use cases:
    • Gives centralized visibility into cloud resources
    • Uncovers machines that are being used for malicious purposes
    • Integrates with both Google and third-party security tools
    • Helps meet compliance requirements


  • Functioning
    • Scans for assets at least once a day
    • Dashboard displays any findings (possible security risks)
    • Findings come from Google Cloud, third-party solutions, or other security detectors
  • Requires two IAM administrative permissions to set up
    • Organization Administrator role: roles/resourcemanager.organizationAdmin
    • Security Center Admin role: roles/securitycenter.admin
  • Integrates with:
    • Anomaly detection from Google
    • Event Threat Detection
    • Web Security Scanner
    • Cloud Data Loss Prevention