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Cloud Asset Inventory

General Info
  • A metadata inventory service that allows to view, monitor, and analyze all your GCP and Anthos assets

Cloud Armor

General Info
  • Works with HTTP(S) LBs to provide DoS protection
  • Security Policies
    • Allow/Deny IP/CIDR
    • Deny rule: error codes 403, 404, 502
    • Priority: rule order
  • Cloud Armor Web Application Firewall
    • Pre-configured rules
    • Custom rules (L3 - L7)
  • Integrates with Security Command Center
    • Alerts of potential L7 attacks
    • Real-time notification of:
      • Allowed traffic spike
      • Increasing deny ratio

Cloud Security Scanner

General Info
  • Web security scanner which probes for common vulnerabilities in Google App Engine and GCE applications
  • It can automatically scan and detect four common vulnerabilities:
    • XSS
    • Flash injection
    • Mixed content (HTTP in HTTPS)
    • Outdated/insecure libraries