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Hybrid Connectivity


  • Multi-Gbps connection over VPN tunnels (IPSec)
  • VPN gateways encrypt/decrypt at each end
  • Cloud Router allows the different networks to exchange route information over the VPN using BGP
  • Supports
    • Site-to-Site VPN
    • Static routes (Classic VPN)
    • Dynamic routes (Cloud Router)
  • HA VPN
    • GCP chooses 2 external IP addresses
    • Supports multiple tunnels
    • Must use dynamic GCP routing
Direct Peering
  • Private connection between on-premise and Google for hybrid cloud workloads
  • Obtained by exchanging BGP routes
  • No SLAs
Carrier Peering
  • Connection through a supported partner
  • No SLAs
Dedicated Interconnect
  • Provides direct physical connections
  • Connect N X 10G transport circuits for private cloud traffic to GCP at Google POPs
  • SLAs offered
Partner Interconnect
  • Connectivity between on-premise and VPC through a supported service provider
  • Useful if your data center is in a physical location that can't reach a Dedicated Interconnect colocation facility or if your data needs don't warrant an entire 10 Gbps connection
  • SLAs offered

Peering Options

Connection Provides Capacity Requirements Access Type SLA
Direct Peering Dedicated, direct connection to GCP's network 10 Gbps per link Connection in GCP PoPs Public IP No SLA
Carrier Peering Peering through service provider to GCP's network Varies based on partner offering Service provider Public IP No SLA

Interconnect Options

Connection Provides Capacity Requirements Access Type SLA
IPsec VPN tunnel Encrypted tunnel to VPC over public Internet 1.5-3 Gbps per tunnel On-premise VPN Gateway Internal IP
Dedicated Interconnect Dedicated, direct connection to VPC 10/100 Gbps per link Connection in colocation facility Internal IP SLA
Partner Interconnect Dedicated bandwidth, connection to VPC through service provider 50 Mpbs - 10 Gbps per connection Service provider Internal IP SLA

Connection Options By Layer

Dedicated Shared
Layer 3 Direct Peering Carrier Peering
Layer 2 Dedicated Interconnect Partner Interconnect