Activate GCP


This page provides step-by-step instructions (with screenshots) on how to setup Google Workspace for your domains, and is the companion of my Migrating to Google Workspace: Solving Email Routing Challenge blog post

Enable Service
  1. In the Admin Console, go to Apps > Additional Google Services
  2. Ensure Google Cloud Platform is ON
  3. Launch GCP Setup, and agree to the Terms of Service
  4. You'll notice a popup at the bottom of the page confirming that the organization was created and your user was granted Organization Administrator access
Setup Users & Groups
  1. Go to Step 2
  2. Select at least gcp-organization-admins and gcp-billing-admins
  3. Then, move to Create administrative users in the Google Admin console
  4. Your uses should already be assigned to these groups
Setup Administrative Access
  1. Go to Step 3
  2. Remove un-needed policies, then click Save and Grant Access
Setup Billing
  1. Go to Step 4
  2. Select Online billing account
  3. Enter your card details
  4. And that should be it, and you are ready to start using GCP