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Work in Progress

This section is a draft: It will probably drastically change in the upcoming days.

Use Cases:
  • CoPilot for Any Form of Writing (incl. every subsector of coding)
  • Creative Brainstorming Assistant
  • Information Synthesis & Summarization
  • Search
  • Convert Any Format to Any Format
  • Make anything an API
  • Structured Workflows on Unstructured Data

Key Segments:

Useful Resources


Link Description
Sequoia: Developer Tools 2.0 Mapping AI in the SDLC
A Foundation Models Primer - March 2023
  • Early Products & Use Cases
  • Market Structure and Landscape


Link Description
Large language models in security A list of areas where LLMs could be applied or integrated within security:
  • SIEM
  • Static Analysis
  • Email Security & Phishing
  • SOAR
  • Data loss prevention & Data Security
  • Remediation
  • Translation between security and everyone else
  • Secure defaults and engineer-oriented security workflows
  • Vendor Security Questionnaires & Compliance