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Foundation Models

Work in Progress

This section is a draft: It will probably drastically change in the upcoming days.

Common Architectures

Architecture Notes Example
Direct Model Access User Directly Exposed to Open Prompt GPT3 API
Indirect Model Access User Presented with Preset Options Notion Continue Writing
User Prompt + Predefined Prompt Replit Code Generation
"Stateful" Foundation Model Apps By Putting History in Context ChatGPT
"Retrieval Augmented QA"
  • Embedding Store + FM
  • Default architecture for search/synthesis/QA use cases. Use K-Nearest Neighbors Search to find top N documents to query (retrieval), then use LLM to summarize (Synthesis)
Elicit (AI Research Assistant)
Model Chaining & Cascading Recursively/Iteratively apply LLMs to create index data structures which can then be traversed with an LLM


Useful Resources

Link Description
A Foundation Models Primer - March 2023
  • Quick Technology Primer
  • Early Products & Use Cases
  • Prompting - Basics
  • Common Architectures & Approaches to Building Foundation Model Apps
  • Training, Fine Tuning & Alignment
  • Cost Structure & Economics
  • Productization of FMs
  • Images, Videos, and Other Modalities
  • MultiModal Models
  • Market Structure and Landscape