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General Patterns

Article Description
Terraform Module Patterns
  • Some patterns for creating Terraform Modules that have been proven to work well
HashiCorp Testing HashiCorp Terraform
  • Testing strategies for HashiCorp Terraform modules and configuration, and learn how to run tests against infrastructure

Use Cases

Article Description
Building a secure CI/CD pipeline for Terraform Infrastructure as Code
  • How the OVO team created a model for delivering infrastructure changes with robust security practices, and used to it build a secure Terraform CI/CD solution for AWS



Article Description
HashiCorp Creating Workspaces with the HashiCorp Terraform Operator for Kubernetes
  • The Terraform Operator for Kubernetes leverages the benefits of Terraform Cloud with a first-class Kubernetes experience
  • The Operator lets you define and create infrastructure as code natively in Kubernetes by making calls to Terraform Cloud
HashiCorp Manage Kubernetes with Terraform
  • Provision and manage Kubernetes clusters with Terraform
  • Guides to provision managed Kubernetes on AWS, Azure, or GCP, and interact with your cluster using the Kubernetes Terraform provider
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