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General Patterns

Article Description
HashiCorp HashiCorp Developer Docs, step by step tutorials, videos, and real hands-on labs
Terraform Module Patterns Some patterns for creating Terraform Modules that have been proven to work well
HashiCorp Testing HashiCorp Terraform Testing strategies for HashiCorp Terraform modules and configuration, and learn how to run tests against infrastructure
HashiCorp Terraform Cloud Security Model Document explaining the authorization model, potential security threats, and HashiCorp's recommendations for securely using Terraform Cloud
Securing Terraform monorepo CI Post explaining the security problems the Mercari team faced in their Terraform environment, and how they improved the situation

Use Cases

Article Description
Building a secure CI/CD pipeline for Terraform Infrastructure as Code How the OVO team created a model for delivering infrastructure changes with robust security practices, and used to it build a secure Terraform CI/CD solution for AWS
How We Use Terraform At Slack Post looking at how the Slack team uses Terraform to build their infrastructure



Article Description
HashiCorp Creating Workspaces with the HashiCorp Terraform Operator for Kubernetes
  • The Terraform Operator for Kubernetes leverages the benefits of Terraform Cloud with a first-class Kubernetes experience
  • The Operator lets you define and create infrastructure as code natively in Kubernetes by making calls to Terraform Cloud
HashiCorp Manage Kubernetes with Terraform
  • Provision and manage Kubernetes clusters with Terraform
  • Guides to provision managed Kubernetes on AWS, Azure, or GCP, and interact with your cluster using the Kubernetes Terraform provider


Article Description
Using Google Cloud Service Account impersonation in your Terraform code Authenticate as a service account in Terraform using short-lived credentials


Article Description
cf-terraforming Command line utility to facilitate terraforming your existing Cloudflare resources


Article Description
terraform-cloud-action Using these three actions, you can assemble a workflow to create, use, and destroy infrastructure managed by Terraform Cloud