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Best Pratices

High Level Documentation

Link Notes
Map the Cloud
  • Find information about public cloud provider regional services availability fast, from AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, CloudFlare and Fastly
  • Get stats of services, regions and edge locations Shortlinks for every Azure service
Security documentation Central Docs site from Microsoft
Azure security best practices and patterns Security best practices and patterns for different Azure resources
Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework
  • Set of guiding tenets that can be used to improve the quality of a workload
  • 5 pillars: Cost Optimization, Operational Excellence, Performance Efficiency, Reliability, and Security
Azure Security Center Learning Path
Azure Sentinel Learning Path Learning path describing basic architecture, core capabilities, and primary use cases of Azure Sentinel
Overview of the Microsoft cloud security benchmark The Microsoft cloud security benchmark (MCSB) provides prescriptive best practices and recommendations to help improve the security of workloads, data, and services on Azure and your multi-cloud environment


Link Notes
Permissions Reference for Azure IAM A website built in order to provide an alternate, community-driven source of truth for Azure identity
Untangling Azure Active Directory Principals & Access Permissions Who has access to what in an Azure Active Directory environment
azure-security-survival-kit A simple framework to explain how to centralize logs and detect a bare minimum of potential threats in Microsoft Azure

Operational Guides

Link Notes
Azure security best practices and patterns Security best practices to use when designing, deploying, and managing cloud solutions by using Azure
Azure operational security checklist Checklist to assist in evaluating applications against a list of essential and recommended operational security actions
  • List of elements you need to think of when preparing a cluster for production
  • Based on AKS Best Practices from Microsoft

Office 365

Link Notes
Purchased Microsoft 365 E5, Now What? Microsoft 365 E5 suite is a large amount of products Microsoft offers for the Enterprise environment, more focused towards the security and compliance areas
How to Protect Office 365 with Azure Sentinel Approaches to onboard Office 365 and related services into Azure Sentinel
Protecting Microsoft 365 from on-premises attacks How to configure your systems to protect your Microsoft 365 cloud environment from on-premises compromise
Forensic artifacts in Office 365 and where to find them Some explanations and tips for investigators so to be able to easily understand, in any situation, what data is available, and in which portal
Microsoft Defender for Office 365 Security Operations Guide An overview of the requirements and tasks for successfully operating Microsoft Defender for Office 365
ScubaGear Automation to assess the state of your M365 tenant against CISA's baselines