Service Description
Cloud SQL
  • Full relational database capability (supports PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQL)
  • Structured data
  • Less than 10TB, less than 4000 concurrent connections
  • No global transactions
  • Vertical scalability
Cloud Spanner
  • Globally-distributed and strongly consistent relational database
  • Structured data
  • Transactional consistency
  • For large amount of data (greater than 10TB ~ billions of data per day)
  • Vertical scalability + global horizontal scalability
Cloud Firestore
  • NoSQL document database that runs on a serverless platform
  • Mobile database service that can synchronize data between mobile devices and centralized storage + real time analysis
  • Small set of data (less than 1TB)
  • Zero down-scaling
Cloud Bigtable
  • NoSQL
  • For single keyed large-scale data and requirement for low-latency & good data processing throughput
  • Big data analytics (~Petabytes)