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GKE best practices
The Unofficial GKE Security Guide
  • Guide which aims to help prioritize and implement a security posture that meets your organization's needs while taking advantage of all the benefits of GKE
Private clusters


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Exposing GKE applications through Ingress and Services Walk through of the different factors that should be considered when exposing applications on GKE, explain how they impact application exposure, and highlight which networking solutions each requirement will drive you toward


Link Notes
Authenticating to GKE without gcloud
  • How to authenticate to GKE and deploying to it from headless environments like CI/CD
Securely Access AWS Services from Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Challenges and potential solutions for cross-cloud access
  • Google Groups for GKE
  • Allows to grant roles to the members of a GSuite Google Group
  • Automatically sync groups into Kubernetes RBAC (blog post)
  • Provides a Kubernetes controller to synchronize RoleBindings and ClusterRoleBindings, used in Kubernetes RBAC, from group membership sources using consolidated configuration objects
  • The provided configuration objects allow you to define "virtual" groups that result in the creation of RoleBindings and ClusterRoleBindings that directly reference all users in the group
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